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Let Us Help You


Welcome to H-Massage

Massage Buford Highway

Dear valued customer, we are taking appointments. By following social distances guideline, here are some requirement we want to say first:

Before entering face mask will be required for every customer. Customer will sign a waiver before massage session.

Before massage, we will check customer’s temperature by using forehead thermometer.

Our staff will have protective equipment and are familiar with its use: mask, face shield, gown. etc on at all times.

Make sure customer practice social distancing of six feet in waiting area. Between all customers, clean with soap and water or disinfect surfaces touched by the customers.

The massage table’s face cradle, table legs and bolsters, and bathrooms if used by the customer.

We use clean linens, including blankets, for each customer. Launder linens in hot water and dry completely. Throughout the day, we will wipe door knobs, handrails etc. with a disinfectant.

Thank you very much! We are looking forward to see you guys soon!

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“Best spot to soothe aching feet”

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Thai Massage Atlanta

Treat yourself to the best Thai massage and foot massage in Atlanta by booking a session with H-Massage. Staff at our unique massage and therapy mecca undergoes meticulous training to help rejuvenate aching muscles and energize a tired mind. Whether you’ve been searching for an outstanding foot massage service in Atlanta, are in need of a deep tissue massage, desire a hot stone massage, or could use another thai massage service to soothe the body and mind, H-Massage has everything you need to relax, unwind, and feel calm once more.

Benefits of A Thai Massage In Atlanta?

Thai massage combines techniques used in acupressure, therapeutic stretching, and body alignment to provide a comprehensive experience like no other. It is much more movement-based than the standard spa massage. Thai massage at our Atlanta facility boosts the immune system by purging the body of nasty toxins, while also promoting bodily balance and reducing back pain. The energy surge so many experience after undergoing Thai massage often lasts for days.

Your Thai massage experience at our Atlanta spa is comprised of gentle poses and stretches, pressure applications, and the occasional breathing exercises. The massage technique uses reflexology principles to encourage uninterrupted energy flow throughout the body and realign the joints and muscles. The correct amount of pressure is applied to each section of the body requiring work to create bodily harmony.

Thai massage does not involve skin-to-skin contact, and therefore no massage oils are needed. Our therapists use their hands, arms, and bodies to undo muscle knots and ensure energy is flowing.

Foot Massage Atlanta

We are happy to offer reflexology foot massage services to our atlanta clients. Reflexology is based on the principle that the feet feature reflex areas corresponding to the rest of the body, including the organs. Our atlanta foot massage therapists use pressure techniques to massage these reflexes and therefore stimulate bodily organs. The thumb and fingers are used to apply relaxing but firm pressure to your foot. Reflexology is celebrated as a gentle yet highly-effective form of massage therapy that brings balance to the body. It has shown success in treating migraines, digestive issues, hormone imbalances, tension, circulatory problems, back problems, PMS symptoms, and more.

How to Prepare For Your Visit

Prepare yourself for your foot massage or Thai massage at our Atlanta spa by thinking of it as a yoga class. Wear loose, comfortable clothing that provides plenty of room to move. Then ask yourself if you are comfortable with the soothing amount of pressure from your Thai massage and foot massage. If you are not comfortable with a regular massage, it is doubtful that you will enjoy Thai massage. Flexibility limitations might be a reason to get a Thai massage, as some it will help your flexibility.

Melting Stress and Tension Away

Thai back and foot massages in our Atlanta facility are among our signature treatments; however, our spa technicians and therapists offer many more treatments designed to keep you feeling your best. Our experienced atlanta staff of experts offers the following: deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, back walk and sports massage, Chinese acupressure, hot stone massage, reflexology foot massage, prenatal massage, facial massage, shoulder and neck massage, and more. We are very proud to provide the Atlanta area with a knowledgeable staff whose expertise includes Eastern holistic healing techniques and modern massage therapies.

The Gift of Thai Massage & Foot Massage

Give the fabulous gift of massage! We happily offer promotional coupons and gift certificates that make wonderful gifts for friends and family. Provide a Thai massage gift certificate to a family member with back problems or a friend who simply could use a day of relaxation and rejuvenation. Treat those you love to the gift of relaxation and pain relief today!

Your Atlanta Thai and Foot Massage Center

Don’t go another day suffering from back pain or wishing you could schedule a foot massage! Rely on our friendly team to help your body heal itself. Enjoy feeling refreshed, reinvigorated, and energized after leaving our facility and for many days after. We are here to help you feel like the best version of yourself by helping you avoid a life marred by painful bodily aches! How can we help you feel amazing today?

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